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Let's Build Your Brand

Everything Your Business or Band Needs To Become A Major Brand

Major Media Studios is a complete Production and Marketing Company that can not only manage your Terrestrial and Digital Marketing campaigns but also create all of the media, such as music production, video production, websites, and graphic design, to brand your company.


Call us today at (214) 500-2256

Studio Memberships

Get Regular Discounted Studio Time With Memberships

For Artists with a need to record monthly or more, memberships are a great way to get the studio time that you need at a discounted rate. Simply Chose A Plan and enjoy the discounted rate on studio time. Recording Studio Rates as low as Half Price with Memberships! 

Mamas Pain // Tayski Gambino

Got Me Feelin' // Soulful Dae

Taking Back My Power // LyTisa G

Killer // Dom3stic


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