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Terms of Service / Producer Agreement

Booking A Recording Session:
Same Day Service may be available only if the studio isn’t booked full.
To book a slot more than 24 hours in the future, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book the
slot. You can book by calling or texting (214) 500-2256 or by reaching your regular Major Media Studios producer/engineer directly.


1 Hour Studio Time for vocals is $50/hour
10 hour block $400 (Payment in Full Due When Booking. Must use time within 2 weeks)
Bands are $100/hour minimum 2 hours.
Beats/Custom Production start at $500. No leases. Exclusive rights only.

Resubmitting of Files Fees:

If you have lost your copy of the song that was supplied at the session or if you would like to receive your project stem files or project track outs you may requests these with the service fees outlined:

Copy of Songs on Disc: $5 per disk (Best Value)

MP3 Files Via Email: $3 Per File

WAV Files Via Dropbox: $5 per WAV Uploaded

Project Stem Files (on CD or Uploaded Dropbox): $20 per project

Project Track Out Files (on CD or Uploaded to Dropbox): $20 per project

(NOTE: These fees cover the costs of the engineers time taken to fill the request as well as the costs associated with internet service, costs of disks, cost of Dropbox for Business, and other overhead expenses associated with filling these requests.)

Each Artist/Musician must be registered with a Performing Rights Organization, such as BMI, and must
submit writer numbers to be used on any documentation for works completed with the Producers. You
can sign up as a songwriter for free at . See Q&A section for more on BMI. (Page 5)


Receiving Your Files After A Session:
All sessions include a copy of the song either on CD (Limit 4/Session), or digital format such as a wav file
on a thumb drive provided by you, or mp3 via email during the end of the session. Resubmitting files if requested
later will carry a service fee and offers you various formats to receive the files. See details in the
“Resubmitting of Files” section.
Payment Options:

We Accept:
PayPal (send to email: )
Credit/Debit Cards (Either in Person or by phone. Card info is not stored.)

General Info On Rates & Points:
What you pay, the percentages of royalties our engineers require and what services you get depend on
if the project you are recording is original content with all licensing or is a non-licensed/limited-rights
project (meaning you don’t own the exclusive rights to the instrumental or any samples used or have a only a
lease providing limited rights or non-exclusive rights). The sections below outline what to expect
depending on what your project is classified as.


Royalty Splits:
The standard hourly rate for use of the studio and any available equipment is $50 per hour. If you use
our engineers, our engineers register all works with BMI at the typical rates of 2-8% (of 200%) for
Rap/Hip-Hop style records, or up to 12% (of 200%) for R&B/Pop style records for projects where the
client provides the beat. We require 50% (of 200%) if we make the beat. We require an additional
percentage for writing based on how much of the song our producers write but not to exceed 75% (of
200%) . All points are taken from the songwriter side and we do not take from the publisher's side.
(Percentages are always negotiable and as a rule are based on how much we contribute in the session
that makes the final record what it is. These figures are to give a ballpark and what is typical with local
independent artist. If you sign to a record label or are signed to a record label we will work with your
management team to discuss the details for splits.)
All recordings will be documented by split sheets at the time of the session and filed for our records.


Credits for the studio as well as for the Producers are required to be posted with all works. Credits must
be posted on any inserts that accompany the works in physical form and anywhere the works are posted
digitally online in the following fashion:
Recorded By (Engineers Name) at Major Media Studios in Dallas, TX


Exclusively Owned Projects:
Each Recording Engineer/Producer may elect to provide further post production services on properly
documented Exclusive projects after your session at no further cost to you. Should this be something
your Engineer/Producer elects to or is able to offer, these are the basic standards to receive these extra
services. If you:
1) own the exclusive rights to the instrumental,
2) supply the Raw (No Effects Applied) Tracked Out/Bounced Out/Stem files for the instrumental
3) Provide a copy of the purchase agreement from the composer
4) Submit the completed Split Sheets to us, and
5) Monetize the song after completion then you will only pay for your session time ($50 per hour) and
the engineers percentages with BMI.

Any post production completed later by your engineer will be at no
further expense to you. This allows us to invest the time into these projects to do all of the advanced
engineering that takes the project from sounding great to sounding like a Grammy Winning song so that
the song can be as successful as possible. Let’s get those royalties and awards!!!
(We reserve the right to rescind the offer for free post production on a case by case basis and are not in
any way guaranteeing or promising that any additional work will be done after the session is over. Post
production time that does get rendered under the agreement outlined above and at the request of the
client will be billed back to the client if the song is not monetized within 9 months of completion.)


Non-Licensed or Non-Exclusive Rights Songs:
If you are recording a mixtape or recording over an instrumental that you do not own the exclusive
rights to, or do not meet the documentation requirements with an exclusive beat, then all services are
strictly by the hour at the standard rate of $50 per hour. This includes Recording, Editing, Advanced
Engineering, Automation, Mixing, and Mastering but is limited to what can be done in the time you book
and pay for. Because these unlicensed types of projects cannot be freely monetized there is little to no
chance of earning royalties from the song later. Therefore any time put into these projects must be paid
for at the standard hourly rates. Percentages for our engineers will still apply for leased projects where
you have limited rights to the instrumental only for documentation to show record of what was worked
on at said session.


Live Audio Services:
We can provide live audio services for any sized event. Rates depend on the size of the event and what
all equipment will be required and the estimated time our engineers will need to be on site. Please call
with the details of your event needs to receive a quote. Call (214) 500-2256
No Guarantees of Satisfaction or Refunds For Services Rendered:
“Good Sound” is a relative term and every engineer has his or her own sound and that sound is their
own. We do not guarantee to meet any particular sound other than that the quality is media quality.
However even a media quality recording, mix, or mastering may have a different sound from each
different engineer (i.e. Engineer 1 mix has more mid range frequencies in the vocals than Engineer 2, but
both are media quality.) We pride ourselves in our work, however differences in opinion of what sounds
“good” will not result in a refund or extra time off of the clock to make changes to a mix for projects that
are billed as hourly work. With hourly studio time the only guarantee is that you will have the room for
your allotted time and an engineer who will record you and provide basic mixing and mastering while in
session. This does not mean that we are promising a Grammy level mix with a 1 hour session. This means

that what can be accomplished within your booked time will be done. When the session time has
expired work stops and you have received the services that you have requested. For Hourly Billed work
more studio time can be booked to dedicate more time into the project if you desire more time invested
into your project.

Q: What is a split sheet?
A: A split sheet is a simple form that you get filled out with everyone who worked on a project to show
what percentage of royalties each person has agreed to. The form has a place to include each persons
name, date of birth, contact info, Songwriter Numbers, percentage of royalties for themselves and their
Publishers (if they have one)


Q: What are Songwriter Numbers?
A: See the question (What is BMI) below for information on this.


Q:What does (of 200%) mean?
A: Song Royalties are broken up into two separate 100% pies. One is for Publishers (labels) and the other
100% is for songwriters. When a song is registered there will be 200% to account for with the splits. If
there is a song with artists from two labels, the labels will determine their split of the Publisher side. All
writers and producers take from the Songwriter side. Anyone who works on a record or contributes any
ideas in any way is legally a “producer” under copyright law. So we recommend closed sessions to limit
how many people you have to have on the paperwork. We are not a label, so our producers/engineers
only take from the Songwriter pie. Therefore, if you are independent and do not have a label, then you
would divide up the entire 200% between yourself, the other artist, the beat composer and the studio
workers and any others who helped with lyrics to make the final record.


Q: What is BMI?
A: BMI is a Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O. for short). There are 3 PROs to choose from. We are
with, and recommend BMI because it is free to sign up. What a PRO does is to collect your royalties from
companies and radio stations and other broadcasts, and then they pay the royalties to you and everyone
on the song splits. When you sign up they will process your application and will assign you Songwriter
Numbers or an Account Number. This is the number you will use on your split sheets and when
registering a song to get your share of royalties.


Q: Why do I need to be registered with a PRO?
A: The music business, as well as all forms of broadcast, such as TV, Satellite, and Internet radio, are all
Governed by the FCC. The FCC mandates that any music used in any broadcast must pay a royalty to the
creators and publishers for use of the music. So a radio station can not play your music if it is not
Registered with a PRO. Your music also needs to be digitally scanned so that spins can be tracked so that
you can collect your royalties.


Q: How do I get my song digitally scanned?
A: Nielson is the largest company for ratings and digital scans in the world. The branch of the company
to scan your music with is called BDS (Broadcast Data Systems). After you have registered your song with
your PRO and they supply the songs ID code, then you can upload the song to be scanned by BDS. What
this does is creates a digital fingerprint of your song so that every time it is played it is recognized by the
tracking scanner. FCC regulates that all broadcasts pass through a scanner for the purpose of tracking
spins for royalties disbursements. BDS publishes a report every quarter. Your PRO will use this report to
then collect the royalties on your behalf from anyone who owes you a royalty.
Virtual Encode Access:
Please send an email with “Virtual Encode” as the subject to our Client Services Department at for a username and password.
PLEASE include the following information in the body of your email:
• Your Full Name
• Company or Label Name
• Contact Number
• Primary Email Address
• Any Additional Contact Information
You will then receive login information and instructions via email for the Virtual Encode website to
upload your music.


Q: How do I copyright my music?
A: Copyright law is written in such a way that the moment something is created the copyright is owned
by the person or people who created it. In many cases just having the time stamp on the digital file is
sufficient to prove ownership. The beat composer generally will have the files from his creation of the
beat and when you come to the studio the time stamps are on all the files within the recording project
as well as the final rendering. Many people ask to have projects emailed to them in mp3 at the end of a
session and this will also prove ownership with the timestamp of the email exchange. Further, if you
want the final option, you can upload songs to the copyright website at . They will
file the song in the copyright office.


Q: How do I get my music on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and other online stores and stations?
A: Each platform has a link on their website with information on how to submit music to them for
review. Many platforms pretty well let anyone sell their music without any discrimination for sound
quality or style. However, Pandora, on the other hand passes everything through curators who actually
listen to your music and check out your online appearance and they decide what will be allowed on
Pandora. Pandora is the best online music app to get royalties from because once someone adds your
station, Pandora will keep throwing your music in the line up which earns you royalties. Songs sent to
Pandora that are high quality, well written, and have good imagery are generally the songs that Pandora
accepts, so come ready! (There are 3rd party companies like tunecore or distrokid that you can go
through to put your songs out to all the platforms. This simplifies the process but will cost you a subscription fee.

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