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Anthony King is an Independent Producer in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and is the Owner/Sr Engineer at Major Media Studios in Dallas, TX near the Dallas Love Field Airport.

  Anthony got his start in music at an early age and has been in audio for 24 years and has been providing studio recording services since 2001. Since his move from Georgia to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex Anthony King has logged thousands of hours in recording sessions and has hundreds of songs in his catalog. Mr King has had a number of songs on terrestrial radio and has current songs in regular rotation on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes as well as music videos with tens of thousands of views. Not to mentions songs on and

  His private pro-home studio has been his base for his best projects for the previous 5 years following working at Sessionworks Studio in Hurst, TX for 2 years. "Working independently in my own professional lab, I have the flexibility to better invest in the projects. That freedom means a better master in the end for my clients and I." Anthony explains.

  In February of 2020 Anthony moved his studio to a commercial facility in Dallas and has re-branded his company as Major Media Studios and the company offers a wide range of media driven services, from Music Production, to Visuals, and Marketing. 

  A BMI Affiliate and Grammy Pro registered Producer, and with his years in live audio as well as studio recording, Anthony has a vast knowledge of the music industry from touring to publishing and offers consultation services to new artist who need to know where to start and what avenues are available to artist in today's market.



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My first introduction to music is when I got fruity loops from a friend and fell in love with making beats. I was horrible at first of course, but I had such a passion for it that I could never quit. I made beats every day all day. I also grew up with KnightTrain Da Brand so I loved to freestyle. 


Eventually I started rapping and producing in the group TME Boyz. Which was Lil 3, KnightTrain, and me. We are all from Dallas and we made a couple big moves but never got that break. We created a little buzz by doing showcases, a few paid shows, and we traveled around the country performing our music. We also got the opportunity to sign a contract with a label in Dallas called New Money Records. 


Throughout my musical journey, I picked up mixing and mastering, got a lot of training on engineering from a lot of different engineers around the city. I am a sponge for knowledge and things I've learned years ago from these guys, still benefits me till this day. I am so grateful for those who accepted me, and took the time to teach me the game. 


For about a year I took a break from music to just gather my bearings from my personal life.  So when I was getting back into the groove of things. I ran into an engineer that I really admired. It was Anthony King. I always looked at the quality of his work and always strived to get that quality in my own work. When I reached out to him he gave the opportunity that changed a lot for me by offering me an engineering position at Major Media Studios. 


Major Media Studios is the best recording environment I've been in as an artist or engineer. I recommend Major Media Studios to any artist that I know and/or come across simply because you will not be disappointed, and the quality is the best that you can get anywhere.

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